Sunday, May 6, 2012

New book and details for a previous blog

 Yesterday, in the mail, a new book arrived by Sue St. John. Titled, JOURNEYS TO ABSTRACTION: 100 Contemporary Paintings and their secrets revealed, the cover is pictured left. For those interested in abstract art, 58 artists tell of their inspirations, mediums, and working processes. There are also several demonstrations at the end.

Two of my abstract art works
have been included which should
make all fiber folk pleased as
they are both, primarily free motion
machine embroidery.This one,
titled Bungy Attitude was created
after spending a couple of months
in New Zealand.

Plot Twists, on this page, follows the
same working method as the previous
piece described and all the information
about both of these pieces is included
in the text.
Most creative people have favorites of
their own work (and others not so favored).
These two pieces
are favorites of mine from an era
when I was working abstractly.

 Several of my friends commented that they could not see, clearly, the recycled paper back books in my blog last week. These had been the centerpiece of a large buffet table for a dinner on April 28. The pictures I put up previously were showing the beautiful drop cloth with the book sculptures. 
I hope these details show and explains the 30 or more book forms that I dripped painted on. Each unit is a part of a paper back book with the pages folded in. When beginning any of these recycled pieces I never know completely how the form may develop. That makes the final shape interesting to see.  However, the continual folding can get boring so watching TV at the same time, helps pass the time.

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