Monday, October 29, 2012

Cut Up or Not

 Most of my embroideries begin with a colored pencil drawing.
Some of the rocks I started drawing
All the orange images I could find were to go into a complementary embroidered wall hanging featuring blue and orange. 

 Oblique Orange from 1999 was the result. The finished size is 24 inches by 41 inches with all the embroidered images appliqued to painted canvas. I enjoy juxtaposing odd sizes of unusual images together. Later I was told that 5 still lifes had been created blended on a shelf full of rocks.
I am tempted to cut them apart. Perhaps some could go into note cards or small framed works.
I am always looking for new images to create unusual note cards as I use these one of a kind cards for all seasons and reasons. The Oblique Orange art work might make 5 separate cards or framed units.
Robert Genn says to burn the 'dogs' (unsatisfactory unsold art). I am more apt to reuse and recycle. Do I take the plunge and start cutting?

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