Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Robert Genn twice a week art letter

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<br style="clear:both"/>The Robert Genn November 6 letter seemed so apropos to me.
Commenting on the art apps of the iPad Robert Genn discussed the pros and cons of these magical apps and how various artists may or may not approach them. Since I had given mini reviews of a few of the art apps during this past year I was especially interested on his take regarding his paint and canvas art.
I was so taken for the magical abilities of these arts but do find myself, not using them in actual studio work like I thought I might.
Above are two examples from the Inspire Pro App on the iPad. I have never used these initial experiments in my studio art work, but now looking back, I just may some day. Stay tuned and don't miss any of R G's Twice Weekly Art Letter.

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