Saturday, July 6, 2013

Note Cards as Delaying Tactics

 Some time ago I mentioned creating note cards when I was between, 
what I would consider, worth while projects.

Using saved objects, here thread samples, along with magazine pages,
window screening and added stitches, 
I try to blend colors till I am satisfied with a composition.
Some, however, make it into the circular file, not the mail.
There are always papers or samples or unsuccessful projects  
left in piles around the studio.
 This paper was a mixed media experiment, 
with water colors, inks, colored pencils, pastels, and water color crayons. 
Using a cardboard view finder I cut this experimental paper into 5 pieces for these cards.
Some had yarn and stitching added. Others were left as is.
These are my delaying tactics (or as friend, Barbara, might say, Displacement Activities) 
but just might be used for the planning of a larger project.

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