Friday, September 13, 2013


A week or so ago I tried working with the iPad app MY BRUSHES. 
This is not the same as the BRUSHES app.
You have a choice of these backgrounds or a photo
or you can leave the background white. I could not 
find layers but once you set your background 
that is not erasable so there seems to be just two layers.
 There are a great many brushes or brush styles available.
Each one can be altered by size, opacity, pressure, etc. and always color.
 Starting off using the various brushes, colors, 
and a dark background I played till I completed this bouquet. 
 I found it difficult having so many choices of brushes. 
Just using a pen and black I felt I had more control.
 Trying the tortillons or blending tools were not successful. 
Many of them acted more like an eraser.
It was easier to blend and smooth colors using opacity
and one of the soft brushes
 Some of the backgrounds had a woven appearance. 
That texture showed through some of the translucent color.
 Using a photo I'd taken in Palos Verdes of  a Eucalyptus tree
 as my background, I blocked out the background detail a bit 
and added more intense color to the actual tree.
 Creating my own soft background I tried a portrait sketch 
in a sepia color with two brush styles. 
Since there weren't layers any erasures took the background, too.
 Another trial with a photo as the background, softening the details.
This last study of my left hand on a dark gray background 
took a couple of days. This app will take a lot more practice 
and patience as I am not yet comfortable with even the simple brushes.
Constantly having to remix color and not being able 
to go back to a previously mixed color as well as its 
opacity and size made this experiment a lengthy process.
This App I will put aside for now and wait for an upgrade.


  1. I love your arts. Really good.

  2. I used MyBrushes Pro to create arts. Per my experience, MyBrushes Pro saves previous color.

    1. I'll have to check out My Brushes Pro. I only have the My Brushes App.

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