Monday, September 30, 2013

Colored Pencil and Peppers

The past two weeks have been spent shifting my thinking
 from a PC  laptop to a huge new computer monitor, an iMac.
I am struggling with many issues but think I have been able to add to my blog.

 Several weeks ago I found a lot of these wonderful peppers
 at the Farmers Market and bought many more of them for a dining table centerpiece.
 Taking some of them into the studio I drew this sketch on white paper.
This pen and ink was in a previous blog.
 I no longer have PhotoShop Elements so could not lighten the right side of this photo. 
Before the peppers dried I worked on this colored pencil painting 
using the above reference photo and the actual peppers to capture the bright colors.
Again, without PSE I could not lighten the white background 
of this photo taken by my iPad. 
Perhaps there is someplace on this Mac to accomplish 
what I need but otherwise I may be reinvesting in PhotoShop.

 Saturday I enjoyed a tour through the house and studio by the 
Renwick Alliance. So most of last week was not spent 
learning the iMac but getting ready for the tour. 
Now I will again work at learning by shifting my thinking 
and back to the studio for some much needed creative work.

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