Friday, October 18, 2013

Brushes App for the iPad, M Trials

Today I am experimenting on two levels and I will explain more 
after writing about the Brushes App. 
I have hesitated even learning and trying this App 
because of all the wonderful David Hockney work on the iPad.
 But, I finally decided to see why he used it so much.
 I have not dwelled on it long enough to become an expert 
or even comfortable with it but here goes. 
Above I was trying the layers which I truly appreciate as well as colors.

 This abstract was started while I was on jury duty,
 trying the various textural brushes and the opaque and
 translucency abilities
 This is another of the Apps that allows you to pull up a photo
 and work on it. I just softened and blurred the background 
in one layer and then tried matching colors.
 While looking at my left hand in the evening,
 with the light from my desk lamp overhead
I tried blending and smoothing colors. 
There is no blending tool that I could find but 
with some soft appearing tools and translucency, 
colors can be made to flow together. 
 Just for fun I drew/painted a kind of generic tree in a 
second layer over the cloudy sky. Creating foliage 
with one of the oddly dotted brushes was quite easy.
My last trial was taken from a picture, not used in a layer 
of 3 bottles on my window sill. Glass is always a 
combination of sharp contrasts and blending reflections.
I know I will work more with this App.

My second level of experimenting today 
is that I am creating this totally on my new iMac..
...this is a big step forward for me after so many years on a PC.

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