Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cadmium, colors, art, and travels

Just returned from a trip to Corning, NY where I learned a lot about glass.
First I will connect a bit of this information to my interest in the
 Element, Cadmium.
Next April, a show titled Radical Elements will open. 40 artists 
chose to create a 36 by 22 inch art work based on one single element.
I chose Cadmium.
 We will not be publishing our entire work before the exhibit opens
but can display a detail of the work. Before researching Cadmium
all I knew of the name was from the paint I had been using for years.
The detail you see above uses actual acrylic paint thickly applied 
and flowing from embroidered tubes onto black denim.
 Glass by Frederick Carder at the Carder Gallery, 
part of the Corning Museum
 The lecturer told us that so much Cadmium had been used to 
create this rich red color that it weakens the glass.
Yellow is another color using Cadmium in this bright opaque glass.
There was so much more to see in ancient, historic, and contemporary glass
I could have stayed for a week. 
I did enjoy connecting my element 
of Cadmium to these colorful historic glass pieces.

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