Friday, February 21, 2014

New Image Artists at Visions Art Museum in San Diego

The Coast to Coast show featuring New Image Artists and California
Fiber Artists opened February 7 at Visions Art Museum in San Diego.
The day before the reception I walked quickly through the show 
snapping pictures with my phone as quickly as I could.
 I walked through Liberty Station from the hotel to the Museum
enjoying the warm sun and flowering landscape.
 On the wall before I entered the show were these 
two signs explaining the exhibit and thanking volunteers.
 Cathy Kleeman's work on the left and Verena Levine's on the right.
 On the left,
Verena's Deep River and from California Fibers group
 Kathy Nida's Buried Under
 Michael Rohde's Tara from CF group on the left and 
Cathy Kleeman's Divide by Red
 Verena Levine's Deep River
 Candy Edgerley's Garden Window
 Ginny Smith's One Strange Bird on the left and from 
CF group, Indigo Dream by Chari Meyers
 Sue Pierce's Natural Forces
 Joan Dreyer's Tree of Loss #2 on the left and
Dominie Nash's Foliated Calligraphy 4
 Joan Dreyer's Tree of Loss #2
 Fron CF group Cryptic Diptych by Lynne Hodgman
and on the right Lesly-Claire Greenberg's 
Thorns II: Points of Interest.
 Tip of the Iceberg by Mary Beth Bellah on the left and
from CF group, Speechless Scroll by VANYA
 From CF group, Marking Time #8 
by Marilyn McKenzie Chaffee
 From CF group,  Forest Primeval by Charlotte Bird
 Speechless Scroll by VANYA and Biosynthesis
by Polly Jacobs both from the CF group.
Two more from the CF group,
 Indigo Dreams by Chari Myers on the left.
Sculpture by Peggy Wiedemann titled Regal
At the entrance to the show was my work 
Traveling from Dawn to Dusk along with a sign
for the whole show……..

Not all the works by the California group are shown here.
I hope I did not miss the any work by New Image Artists.

There was another show going on at the same time, 
Intersections: Recent Work by Barbara Lee Smith.
I will include those pictures and more at the opening
reception in the next blog……
stay tuned

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