Saturday, March 1, 2014

Visions Art Museum, C2C, New Image Artists, Barbara Lee Smith, and Jazz exhibits, San Diego.

Continuing a review of the current shows at Visions Art Museum.
The night of the reception I took a few pictures. 
Below is the entrance to the Coast To Coast show.
Work in the C2C show is by The New Image Artists 
and the California Fibers group.

Guests wandering around the art work.
One area of the shop.
Coming in the front door you are greeted with 
view of art and craft work available in the shop.
A view looking forward to the entrance.
Barbara Lee Smith is having a show in one of the rooms 
of the museum. Above on the left is Marshland Reflections 
and on the right, Mountain and Grasses.
Left is Salt Edge at 40 by 65 inches
and on the right, South Jetty Fog at 30 inches square.
Marshland Remembered and Marshland Morning.
Barbara's work does not photograph well. These two 
pieces appear darker in color both here and in the catalog.
Mt personal favorite of this show is a two part piece 
titled Mountain and Grasses, 25 by 50 inches.
Day Break is 72 by 48 inches.
Barbara drew large crowds exclaiming about 
the beauty of her work and wondering about the 
process that goes into her atmospheric landscapes.
Another show going on at the same time is called Jazz. 
Almost all of these small quilts were sold at the opening reception.
From San Diego we drove up the coast to L.A.
(a view from the old Marine Land site in Palos Verdes).
And then home to this.
Life seems to be a study of contrasts…….

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