Monday, June 9, 2014

New Textile Museum at GWU and a sale

Saturday, June 7, we visited the new Textile Museum site 
at George Washington University.
 Always enjoying architectural details I took this picture 
before going up the spiral staircase to see the exhibition space.
And, below, another view toward the spiral staircase.
The upstairs and downstairs exhibition spaces were mammoth in size 
and grand in height. 
The colors on the walls are rich and different at each level.
There are small exhibition spaces in the connecting older building. 
The lowest level has many large rooms for preparing textiles for exhibit.
The entire building is wonderful and will be enjoyed by all 
those who work there as well as all the visitors
 I received good news today by email. The piece below,
WALLS AND DOORS, I've shown before, was sold.
The City f Decatur, Georgia bought it.
 It is one of the 80, 8 by 8 inch pieces that look better 
hung in a horizontal straight line. 
However long narrow pieces do not photograph well 
in small spaces, hence this cross format.
Detail of Walls and Doors was taken from a photograph of a shop  in Tuscany.

Now a question. I am thinking of changing the background color 
of my web site. What colors as well as text colors are annoying to look at and read?

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