Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving, jungle style 2014

Our annual Thanksgiving dinner had a room change. 
Vicky suggested we put the tables in the living room 
and move all of the living room furniture toward the fireplace. 
 It worked and made comfortable space for all 13 people.
 Seen from either end. I used 3 matching table clothes.
 The centerpiece, which I always think is more important than the food,
 used cabbages and kale and yellow chrysanthemums, plus....
 Alexandra's unusual place cards. 
She placed the dinosaurs, each carrying a sign, 
into the jungle of vegetables.
 We each had a candle as well 
since it became dark before we finished eating.
My special dinosaur! 
 When dark we needed the candles as there was no chandelier
above the tables in the living room.
 There were also purple and white striped eggplants 
hiding in the jungle vegetables.
 Again this year we designed our dinner plates 
with an artist's name or style or landscape or feeling, 
what ever the diner desired so here are a few.
This first one above is a rainbow created by Vicky.
 This plate has a face planned and created by Jill.
 Our graphic designer, Alex named her plate,
 "Potatochu....An Evolution of Thanksgivings Past 
in the style of the Anime Animator, Ken Sugimori
Caroline decided to honor Gene Davis with her stripes plate
I was thinking Sol Lewitt but somehow it did not work.
 Ashley gave an asymmetric design to her plate.
Julia said hers is "A Julia Original"
There were more and although I took several more pictures 
of plates I have not connected them to their owners, yet.

It was a good group of young and old. 
Dinner was followed by some fun games 
in which everyone took part.
That was Thanksgiving 2014 missing one person. 

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