Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Drawing, colored pencil still-life

Choosing to do a drawing for a Christmas gift 
I began by buying an unusual little vase, about 9 inches high, 
from the Glen Echo Potters 
when they had their holiday sale at the Lab School.
 I took several photos trying to decide on a small grouping

 It shouldn't be but it is always surprising, 
for me to see how much colors change 
with different backgrounds. 
I wanted to work from life and I knew I would not have constant light
 during the day and probably not at night, as well. 
 I decided to use the darker background and a white base 
so there would be some reflected white on the objects

 I was using a high texture heavy substrate so a lot of white
 came through even though I kept my pencils very sharp.
 It is quite evident, here, with the texture of the paper showing through.
 Even after using some blending much of the papers texture was evident.
 I didn't want to fill the background with dark gray so just gave a hint of that color.
The title is Red, Yellow, and Blue.
 Since I was unhappy with the substrate's texture
in that first drawing, 
I decide to try the same still life on a smoother surface. 
Using Bristol Board this time, thinking it was a lot smoother, 
I began drawing. 
Soon I saw that it, too had a texture that I didn't want for my colored pencils. 
At this point I decided I liked the first drawing better 
so gave it as the gift along with the vase.
During the second drawing,
I had to switch apples as the first one had become
 soft over the week or two I was drawing. 
For all, but the apples I used Prismacolor pencils.  
I used Polychromos only on both apples and today used
mineral oil to blend the pencil lines on this apple.
 I still see so much of the paper's texture in the rest of the drawing. 
This image appears brighter in this photo than it really is. 
Now I want to go back to my favorite drawing paper
and try another still life.

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