Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A day at the beach, NBM

I went to the beach today and didn't get wet or sandy 
or sunburned. I viewed the beach, first, from the second level ....
 The beach was at the National Building Museum and had been 
partnered with Snarkitecture to create a summer playground.....
 combining abstract architecture, organic and man-made
materials....all white.
Even white sun umbrellas, beach chairs and non-sandy walkways
leading to the non-water. Everything was white even a beach snack bar.
 I waded in a bit and found this non-water was difficult to walk through....
better to swim through and many children and 
some adults were doing just that. 
This graduated beach might have been 3 or 4 feet deep and the deepest end.
 A few little mermaids were swimming through the bubbles. 
There was a white pier, more like an island, to dive from
 but rules said, no jumping in and no throwing the bubbles. 
There must have been millions of bubbles, all the same size.
You could even buy a bag or bucket of bubbles at the museum shop.
So that was my beach adventure for this summer.

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