Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Five Hits and a Miss

This past couple of months I have been entering shows, 
been accepted to some, packing boxes
 and shipping things to various places around the country.
Some of the art work has been seen on this blog before 
but I like to list what is happening in my art life, here.
Desert Wild Flowers has just been returned from the 
Orange County Creatives Gallery in Laguna Beach, California. 
The theme of this show was Flora and Fauna.
Sitting Still, Life  also just returned from the Sebastopol
Center For the Arts in California, participating in a CHAIR show.
Kiss was just shipped to Art on the 30th in San Diego 
for a themed show with the title, JUST SAYIN'
opening November 2 with a reception on November 7 and 
closing on November 30th.
 Silver Line is currently in a show at the Arrowmont School of
Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The show is titled
Materialities: Contemporary Textile Arts and will conclude 
October 31.
 Rich and Zesty was sent off today to 
Orange County Creatives Gallery in Laguna Beach 
for a show called Food and Drink that opens on 
November 2 and closes on November  27 with an 
opening reception on Thursday, November 5 from 6 to 9 PM
 Catching the Moment will be shipped tomorrow to
CORE New Art Space in Denver, Colorado 
for an exhibit: Mixing Your Media to begin 
November 12 till November 29.
 There will be an opening reception on November 13 from 6 till 9 PM
And the one miss is Awakening the Obsolete (10, 12 by 12 inch boards) 
declined for the 2016 Fiber Arts International show  in Pittsburgh.
I will not be entering any more shows for a while 
as the applying for, resizing and renaming images, 
and then packing and shipping for accepted work 
takes a lot more time than I would like and 
I need and want to spend more studio time.

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