Monday, January 25, 2016

The Anatomy of a DC Snow Storm

While in my studio I look out this window with views 
of the two main streets below us.
We had a lot of warning about the coming snowstorm that would last 
from Friday through Saturday, January 22 and 23, 2016.
Since my street is on a cul de sac, we rarely have a snowplow visit us, 
so I watch the main streets, to see if they get plowed.
The buses and metro have been closed for Saturday and Sunday.
This was taken at noon on Friday.
 3 PM Friday
5 PM on Friday 
 Friday 10 PM
8 AM Saturday, no snow plows anywhere 
 Saturday 11 AM
1 PM Saturday 
 White out Saturday 3 PM
 Saturday 6 PM
 Saturday 11 PM
8 AM Sunday, stopped snowing .
Sunday noon, sun 
Sunday about 1 PM several neighbors start shoveling a trench 
12 to 18 inches wide from the top of our hill to the cul de sac.
They worked up to the front door of each house.
These very nice neighbors from the top of our hill were exhausted. 
I think there is over 2 feet of snow they were moving.
So, we invited everyone who could walk through these trenches 
to join us for a cocktail party at 4 PM.
It was a good evening.
Monday, a front loader is stuck at the top of our hill 
with a dump truck behind it and now a tow truck has been added.
So we are still waiting for something to happen. 
All schools and the government are still closed.
However today the buses start at noon and metro started again. 
It is free to ride both of them. 
However where would anyone go that is open?
Stay tuned.

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