Monday, February 22, 2016

Slide Frames with Decisions

Last July I started working out ideas for using all the 
cardboard slide frames I should just throw away, 
but could not bring myself to do it.
Here are some of the samples I've made, 
putting small groups into pairs.
Blue and green painted frames with blue or green striped 
fabric added for contrast.
Deciding to try some of the film I had removed from the 
frames I machine sewed it, leaving the hanging threads.
I soon discovered the film cut and tore too easily
when a needle was inserted. 
  Multi colored frames needed black and white contrast 
so I added black embroidery on white fabric.
These green and blue frames have abstract designs added.
The fabric in the frames has been drawn and painted 
with markers and colored pencils. 
Striping the frames was fun, using many markers. 
Striped fabric has been inserted into the frames.
Perhaps this is too confusing unless you like pattern on pattern.` 
 Inserted in these colorful frames is material I had
experimented with in the past.
 And these last black and white frames have more of my 
experimental fabric.
Now I am in a quandary. Do I continue trying various ways
 to use up the slides or their frames or 
do they go into the circular file?
At this point I cannot see spending more time experimenting.
Any ideas?

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