Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Drawing, Pipes and Plumbing

I don't know when I became so enamored with plumbing 
or pipes in general, but I do love to draw them. 
 Found this lovely old pipe with the blue top someplace
 in our basement area.
Colored pencil drawing.
 Another drawing of an old faucet in my laundry tub.
 I thought I ought to have a drawing of a new gleaming faucet
 to complement the old one so I found this in the bathroom at a motel.
 Wandering the grounds of the old Navy Training Station in San Diego
I kept finding similar groups of pipes on many corners, 
all painted bright colors. This was just one example. 
Never could get that blueish color bright enough 
or with enough contrast with my colored pencils.
 These two drawings are of pipes I saw in an 
old building against a cinder block wall.
I so liked the shapes and the colors i decided to
 embroider these pipes or plumbing or whatever they were.
The embroidery on the right was enlarged a bit 
more than the original drawing
Finally finished this pair of embroideries....however, 
I felt they needed something so had a couple 
of birds fly in to roost on them.


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