Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Self-Portraits, Making Aging Choices

How often do artists think about creating a self-portrait? 
Either we need a photograph of ourselves for publication 
or would like to try a self-portrait in our chosen medium.
For years I have used this photo as it seemed to fit catalog
 requirements and filled the aged or aging look I was going after. 

 I tried variations of my photograph.
It seems you need either a photograph or 
to look in a mirror to create a self-portrait
 Over the years I have collected many magazine pages 
and thought I'd make use of some in a paper self-portrait. 
35 by 30 inches 
 A detail shows paper is glued onto Pellon and then sparely stitched.
Several years ago I had started an alphabet series that may never be finished.
Using my old photograph I repeated it with variations
  creating 9 small quilts. 
These 9 were then stitched onto window screening.
This detail of the center square was created with free-motion machine embroidery
The final piece was titled Variations on 'P' (for portrait)
45 by 39 inches
 A few years ago the New Image Artists decided to have 
a self-portrait themed show.
 I worked on the idea of A Page From My Sketchbook
 Embroidered and quilted, A Page From My Sketchbook is 25 by 23 inches
 I had this artwork juried into Pfaff's Self-Portrait Embroidery Exhibit, 
held in France
 A detail of 'Art of Embroidery, with Apologies to Magritte'
Painted, embroidered and quilted, 25 by 17 inches
 After all the years using the same image for most catalogs and articles 
and although I hate the thought of aging,  
I started thinking that I should use a more up to date photo.
Spencer, our grandson took this picture.

 Alexandra, our granddaughter, took this one 
while we were having lunch one day.
Just because I wanted to try a changing look, 
I drew a couple of self-portraits taken from photographs. 
 I'm calling this pair  '35 YEARS'
They are graphite and 12 by 12 inches.
(And, what a difference 35 years makes on a body.) 
Not sure I want to create any current self-portraits.
I still haven't solved the photo I might use for publication, problem, yet.
I may stick to my old  hat and dark glasses image.

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