Saturday, July 30, 2016

Choosing a new desk with more possibilities

A couple of weeks ago I visited Vicky Fogg at the Washington Post.
She gave me a brief tour of their new building.
Wile waiting for her to finish the Style section layout for the next day,
I enjoyed watching her at work while she was SITTING at her desk. 
I emphasize the word 'sitting' because she had told me 
she had a 'stand-up' desk and I wanted to see it.
 She immediately stood up and pulled her desk up in about 2 seconds.

This interested me because at a conference a year or so ago
 I had listened to a lecture on standing to work.
I felt that sitting at the computer and sitting
 at my sewing machine was a lot of sitting.
So for the next week I checked several adjustable stand up desks 
on the Internet, reading the information and reviews. 
I liked the look of this one as it also came in white. 
However I finally decided there may be too much light 
bouncing off the broad desk top. 
And, my printers, scanner, and desk chair are all black.
So, I bought the Flexispot 35 inch desk top.
 Today we had a good friend help setting it up in my office. 
It weighs 55 pounds so we did need a good strong helper.
Here it is on my desk in the low position.
By the way, this low position is actually better for my posture 
while sitting as my computer needed to be higher.
 And, here it is at the height I need to stand and work. 
There are 12 heights available. and a lot of space on the top shelf.
I am standing here now checking pictures for this blog 
and have just abut finished writing. 
I do find that I kind of wander around back and forth 
while working in this stand up position,
and if I get tired of standing I can sit down in about 2 seconds 
as it raises and lowers quickly and easily. 

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