Friday, March 31, 2017

From drawings to a stained glass window

Late last year a friend, Shirley Derrick, called me as she had remembered 
that I had drawn hands of many and various people for a large art work.
I kept a sketch book with many hands, drawn with colored pencils, in it. 
She was designing a window for a remembrance 
of her late husband, Lonny. 
It would be then translated into a stained glass window 
that would be the centerpiece in an entry alcove of
the Bethesda United Methodist Church in Bethesda, Maryland.

 Shirley looked through my sketch book and found two hands that she liked.
 I must admit that these were rather crude drawings of my husband, 
Clark's hands, but would be the forms that could be created in stained glass.
I remember drawing them with the palms up.
She decided that to fit the theme the hands  would be rotated.
She took the two drawings to the stained glass artisans .
 And, this is the result. The quotation at the bottom says, 
"We Are God's Hands"
The room is quite light but I was using my phone 
to get the image and was pleased to see the sun shining through.
The window is about 5 feet high. 
I was pleased to feel that a tiny bit of my work was
used to create this beautiful stained glass window
in memory of Lonny Derrick. 

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