Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A change of style ?

Wanting to make a change in my work, 
if not style, then in the method of working with fabric and thread.
 Looking at my sketch books I had always made quick realistic
sketches of flowers, before embroidering them.
These cone flowers were in a pot as I drew them.
 Looking at all sides of some zinnias on this page.
But I wanted to change........
 I started putting down ideas for non-realistic flowers in a sketch book.
 Starting with bright colors and fabrics I began creating these stylized flowers.
 Since I have always loved the Dutch and Flemish still-lifes 
I planned to create my own non-realistic version of a classic.
Several insects had to be included.
 And branches with leaves. Leaves are sewn through 
the center vein so may stand out from the dark background.
 I broke with my non-realistic idea when it came to the vase 
and embroidered an image of a vase that I own.
I did not add shadows, though, so it is flat.
 The vase needed to sit on something besides a table 
so, I stacked some books and worked out fictitious titles for them.
 My still-life needed a plate and a bowl to add 
some balance to the whole composition.
The result is titled Satirical Stillness.
It is approximately 44 by 54 inches.
The falling leaves can be changed in positions.
I doubt my friends will think I succeeded in creating 
a non-realistic image, but I was trying. 
Probably this idea will not become a series.

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