Thursday, May 25, 2017

New York Adventures

Going to the Met on Fifth Avenue always has unusual and surprising exhibits. 
The Rei Kawakubo, Comme Des Garcons show was a total surprise 
as I have not always been a fan of her designs. 
This show titled Art of the In-Between was indeed 
so full of so many wonderful uses of fabric and more, 
I am so glad to have seen it.

 Absence/Presence, 2 dimensions, 
Autumn/winter and Spring/summer 1997
 High above our heads were these Clustered Beauties.
 Details from 1983, 1998, 2009, 2010 and some from 2013
I wanted to list all of the titles and dates
and there was so much more material to read.
 Ballerina Motorbikes from the 4 seasons, 2005
 I wanted this one because I liked the back.
 Abstract/ Excellence, Spring/summer, 2004.
This was a group of skirts and I never could 
find out what the tops were made of.
 Good Taste/Bad Taste, Autumn/winter, 2008-9
 Broken Bride, 2005-6
 Broken Bride, Autumn/winter, the other side of the exhibit.
 18th Century Punk and  Delinquent, 2010
 I was fascinated with the manipulation of 
the bands of fabric on the model on the left.
 Life/Loss, Ceremony of Separation, Autumn/winter, 2015-16
 Object/Subject, Body Meets Dress, 1997
(details)  Dress Meets Body, Spring/summer, 1997
 East/West, Cubism, 2007
 Lost Empire, Inside decoration, 2010-11
 Child/Adult, Not Making Clothing, 2014
with a self fabric stuffed bear.
 Male/Female, The Infinity of Tailoring, 2013-14
 Not Making Clothes, Spring/summer 2014
With sculptural head pieces designed by Julien d'Ys
 Beautiful/Grotesque, Monster, 2014-15.
I was fascinated with the heavy lacy leggings 
but we were looking at sweaters with holes.

 War/Peace, Blood and Roses, 2015
 Details, above, of so many unusual manipulated fabrics.
There was so much more to see and 
I did go back to look at it twice, feeling that I still hadn't seen all of it.
The all white sets were remarkable 
with high and low views of the sculpture and fashion
and so much more to absorb. But, the Met had several other 
exhibits I wanted to see so this is all for today.

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