Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Heavenly Bodies at the Cloisters, continued......

Continuing with the Heavenly Bodies:  
Fashion and the Catholic Imagination exhibit 
that began in the Metropolitan Museum, 
these images were taken at the Cloisters. 
We traveled on the Subway to the last stop
on the A line at the north tip of Manhattan. 

The modern pieces with monastic influence 
were displayed at the Met Cloisters.
 This part of the exhibit was much less crowded 
but just as unusual and interesting, 
yet in a totally different atmosphere.
 I am sorry again that I did not write down the names 
of the contemporary designers who contributed so much to this show.
Again trying to find the references for the modern designers, 
there were several draped gowns, some very simple 
and other extremely seamed with unusual lines. 

The glass cases reflected exterior lights. 
 In one of the courtyards were these two capes high above our heads.

 This easy reference for the model is on the far wall. 
I could not stand back far enough to catch the whole body.

 A view of front and back of this heavy sparkling coat dress.
 Some of us who have done a lot of sewing were fascinated 
with the hook and eye closures in place of seams on this black dress
 A lovely silk wedding dress
 And another, quite different in an adjoining room.
Both were delicate and simple in design. 
 Another draped gown with a jeweled sword piercing 
the embroidered heart that flows into blood red silk.
 A dress covered with wheat designs.
 The next room seemed to be dedicated to Hieronymus Bosch.
 As so many of the designs were taken from Bosch's  works.....
 Either The Garden of Good and Evil or 
The Garden of Earthly Delights.
Each outfit had shoes and leggings matching the gowns 
 To end this visit to the Cloisters was this mass of irises 
and one of the garden courtyards.

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