Saturday, August 18, 2018

Fictional Fantasy from beginnings to end.

It has been a while since I have added to my blog.
This, below, is one reason why.

Looking at these two fabrics, I thought they ought to blend into 
? something?
And, might make a different background for some embroidery.
 At the same time I had been looking at three fabrics I liked and 
wanted to use but didn't want to cut them up.
 So after staring at these printed materials for a while (I am slow) 
I thought, instead of cutting them up I would take some of their
designs and reinterpret them into embroidered images to use someway?
 Actually this was a lot of fun.....designs were interesting 
to recreate into various colors and change sizes at the same time.
So I made a lot of these separate embroideries not knowing 
where they were to go or if they would fit into anything.
 I kept making them, just enjoying the process.
 Thinking I was wasting a lot of time and effort I began 
to lay them out on some designs on paper, 
trying to find some way to connect them.
 I spent time looking at each of them on that fabric 
I wanted to use as a background.
 Thinking of some way to connect these images
 that did not seem to connect I started drawing several ideas on paper.
Finally ended up with a tree or vine or scroll shape. 
 Not wanting to take away from those muted colors  
I chose a grayed green to kind of blend into the background.
 Trying that bird, that sort of stood out, on the background 
I wanted to see how it looked on those leaves.....not good.
 Started laying out these embroideries to make some kind 
of sense on the double background I did many rearrangements.
I eliminated quite a few of the embroideries 
that did not fit either for their color or too much of the same thing.
 Over several weeks of rearranging I finally decided this was a fantasy.
 To me, fantasies seem to have no connection with reality and this surely didn't.
I was not looking for a correct composition. Why Not?
At this point I had not sewn down the scroll or any of the images, 
just kept playing with them but finally decided I had to stop. I was
never going to get to the perfect arrangement, so just started to sew. 
Below is the final in a picture I took. 
I am now ready to have my photographer take some photos of this 
Fictional Fantasy.



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