Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Note Cards and Autumn Colors on Election Day 2018

Today it is raining and has been raining all day, this election day, 2018.
 Many of the autumn leaves seem to brighter against the gray sky.
Spring Valley, DC
near 49th Street, NW

 I've been working on some note cards
and often repeat designs.....
Above black thread is embroidered on white tulle.....

and reversing the design, white thread embroidered on 
a dark striped fabric on this second card.
Butterfly embroidered on tulle flying over a magazine garden.
A lot of driving around in the rain this morning and 
at the same time enjoying the colors ........
 Eventually pulling into the Palisades Field House to vote 
and then leaving to do more errands.
More embroidery on a notecard...........
here an iris on a hand painted silk fabric. 
 Gold thread zinnias on a darker blue cotton. 
Difficult combination kind of swallows the embroidery.
Finally at home and the view from my office.....
We do have  a lot of wires above ground in the District. 
I could PhotoShop them out but then it wouldn't be the view I have.
 A red embroidered bird stands by itself on a striped paper.
 A special card with an embroidered view of the winged lion 
of Saint Mark's on its blue background, flanked by columns.
To be seen guarding many important places in Venice. 

This is the  end of a rainy day, colored leaves, and 
the notecards created for the past month.
This foreign money is a preview of upcoming projects
Keep posted.

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