Friday, January 17, 2020

Too Many Good Times......

It seems I left my blog toward the end of October and then you know how the holidays interfere with writing. But my last ending was in the middle of the World Series and you must all know how that ended. It was a most exciting time for someone who has watched practically every single game for the last, at least 3 years. And, also to understand how very unbelievable all who were long time or good fans could hardly believe it. It really was unbelievable as each game most of us knew it would be lost, so to see so many wins was as I said 'unbelievable'.

Then came Thanksgiving and one granddaughter (theVirginia granddaughters) all are big fans so Alexandria designed a World Series Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece. There were so many things to see it really takes a hundred pictures but there isn't room so just a couple here.

The table seated 15 or so.... 
Hundreds of baseballs in varying sizes used a place cards, also.

The Nats and their WS trophies in three sizes, 
this is Pennsylvania Avenue where the parade took place....
so there was the pink fog sprinkled all over the gray street.
It took studying the whole centerpiece to see all she included.
Then for Christmas I received
 And for my desk

And for my head.
Please forgive my over abundance of Nats cheering....
There was more going on during the last couple of months.
Christmas followed Thanksgiving.
One day spent at the National Gallery to celebrate Caroline Fogg's birthday.
All the Christmas flowers shown in the atrium, always beautiful.

I chose this year to give some of my art as gifts. 
I spent a lot of time choosing the artwork and then 
writing letters to explain why 
I chose a specific item for each recipient.
Included here are some I gave.

Those above are all colored pencil drawings.
And, to end todays blog
 some of the stitched and embroidered gifts.

That is enough for one day but a lot more
 needs to be written, images, and information, given 
to give this blog a reason to come back to find out more.
I will be back and, much sooner.

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