Saturday, March 7, 2020

BlackRock CEnter and work

End of February had the beginning of this exhibit 
at BlackRock Center for the Arts

There is a meet the artists reception on March 14, from 2 to 4 PM,
at BlackRock. My work, SATIRICAL STILLNESS will be shown 
 In March I have several friend's birthdays 
so I have been creating more cards.
 I do love to draw so one of a few trees drawn with ink.
 And, 3 more using embroidery over hand-dyed fabric
 Still playing with my gift of foreign money.
Here I have pleated and stitched several bills.

Taking the yarn out of a favorite sweater I bought 
years ago in ChristChurch, NewZealand......
 I am yarn bombing on foamcore....... we'll see later if it works.
Ending this time with my last beautiful Amaryllis.

Check later to see what happens 
with the raveled and perhaps bombing yarn.

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