Thursday, March 26, 2020

Coronavirus Found time?

When everything was closed and all appointments and meetings were canceled
I thought that I had found some time and how could I put it to use.
Of course, I was going to draw and exercise every day, 
clean out cupboards and shelves, organize my studio and read more.
How have I done these past two weeks? 
My plan did not work as I had expected

This is as far as my drawing has gone, just a start.
I wanted to draw some colorful zinnias

 I did finish one piece for the New Image Artists' upcoming exhibit.
This is a detail of an artwork I titled IMPERFECT INTENTION.
Last month I had started to unravel a sweater and 
used some of the yarn to cover part of another large scissor(s).

Having more birthdays approaching there was a need for more cards.
I am always looking for ways to use bits and pieces of unfinished or experimental work.
Years ago I had tucked striped fabrics just to see what would happen when it was ironed.
These two cards with their embroidered butterflies illustrate one result.

 I remembered spending a lot of time working with cardboard slide frames.
AWAKENING THE OBSOLETE is complete with ten 12 by 12-inch panels.

 Painting some of the frames with stripes and filling other with striped fabric, 
 and, filling frames with tiny drawings or paintings 
were more ways I used the obsolete slide frames.

 I had wanted to develop a new format for notecards. 
Starting with some 8 by 11-inch stationery I added slide frames. 
When folded this card just fit in a standard business envelope.
So a new format for notecards that include tiny bits of art in each frame

In between long bouts on the computer, 
I have been walking in our neighborhood. 
 MacArthur Blvd. with lots of white blossoms
 A small white tree at the corner.
And one yard had many colors along their retaining wall.

Now, the big question, will I get back to drawing?
Will I come up with some more use for 
unfinished and experimental work?
Will I clean a closet?

I do not want to waste this 'found' time.

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