Wednesday, May 27, 2020

What has been going on during this quarantined pandemic

Since I last wrote I have been wearing a mask
 and using disposable gloves whenever venturing forth.
It almost seems normal now to see empty streets and grocery stores.
I get some deliveries and have curb picked-up at a couple 
of restaurants that are closed to all else.
It has been two months since I last wrote. 
Several celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, and Mother's Day
have past with many greetings On-line,
many Zoom meetings, conversations, and games
have been played.

 For Mother's Day, I received these plants
for the two very empty pots on our front porch
 Also, this lovely indigo and white Shibori tea towel, card, and book,
 found on our front porch.
And in the mail delivery, 
a stand that can connect to a table and then hold my iPad.
 In March there had been a call-out for sewers 
to create hand-made masks to
 then be delivered to several hospitals.
 I made just 20 for Suburban Hospital and 
then a couple for neighbors and our use.
 Then, another Call to Artists by ArtWatch for 
a project to thank hospital workers for everything.
 This project was to create a small (4 by 6 inch) 
piece of art on an index card or cardboard..
 Remembering the note cards I made months ago 
I used the same idea, slide frames, 
painted and filled with fabrics or colored pictures. 
 I had been enjoying pleating the foreign money, so,
 added to one of the index cards. 
These were then sent to a staging address 
where they will be delivered, as our thanks, 
to all the hospital workers in this area.
 Each day that I take a walk, I absorb such beautiful colors..
 I always come home wanting to use colors any way I can, quickly.
So with the machine just waiting for me, 
I add a small bit of color and lay it aside for another time.

I hope to get back to three other embroidery projects, soon.
There has never been enough time for so much 
I want to do despite the fact that we all are staying at home.

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