Friday, August 17, 2012

Do you always know when you are finished?

A neighbor gave us a basket of home grown vegetables and they were such beautiful colors I needed to draw them.
Since my complementary series was still missing the purple yellow complements I decided these beautiful eggplants and yellow squash would be the perfect subjects. For a week these vegetables sat on my studio table while I drew them. Since I never know when a drawing (with colored pencils) is finished I let it sit for a another week. Then I took a picture of it. 
I knew, then, that I was unhappy with the warm gradient color in the background but didn't want to overwork the image. The eggplants were a much darker purple, almost a black but I kept them lighter on purpose.
Taking colored pencil off is not easy but the background needed a change, it needed to be a cool non-de-script color. Working one more day on this, even with the changed color, I am still not sure it is finished but will stop for now and let it sit for a while longer. Does anyone know exactly when they are finished?

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