Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Clark Golden Adams II, A Tribute

I am writing my blog today with a few really old photos,
 about a man who influenced so many and leaves a big hole in our lives
Clark Adams during college days,
University of Utah and Georgetown University
 Clark's christening with Mom and Dad, 1953
 Cousins, Kathy and Julie, with Vicky and Clark, 1956
 Clark at his birthday party in Hawthorne, CA
Neighbors, Danny and Jeff with Clark.
 If he was here he would tell me the dates of all these pictures 
as he knew every important and unimportant date
in our lives and in history.
 Clark and Vicky
 Clark in the first grade
 Photo from an article in the Christian Science Monitor
about Four Families in a Changing World.
Vicky, Clark, Sr., BJ, and Clark, Jr.
 Grandma Newcomb, BJ, and Clark in Grand Coulee, WA.
 Clark and Vicky first Cotillion.
 Vicky and Clark, second Cotillion
 Skiing with the Dunns, Alpine Meadows (Tahoe, CA)
Ann, BJ, Vicky, Clark, Chris
 Clark clowning around with Mom and Florian.
Senior year of high school.
 Rolling Hills High School graduation, PV, CA
 College years, Clark and BJ in DC
 Moving back to California after college he met Jill.
 The two Clarks
 BJ and Clark with baby Ashley
 And with baby Lindsey
 And baby Hayley
 Jill with Ashley and Clark with Lindsey in Torrance, CA
 Clark with his three daughters at Vicky and Alan's home.
Spencer trying to get back inside.
 Clark and Lindsey.
 Skiing in Colorado, Clark, Sr., Clark, Jr., and Lindsey
 Clark and Lindsey at lunch during the work day.
 His family, Clark and Jill with Ashley, Hayley and Lindsey.
Brandon and Lindsey at their wedding. 
 On the right Clark and Jill at 
Hayley and Brant's wedding, December 2012
 Clark's three daughters,
Lindsey, Hayley and Ashley at Hayley's wedding reception
December 2012
Our family, 1970's (Vicky, Clark Jr, BJ, Clark Sr.)
We all will miss him so much, his humor, memory, 
inquisitive love of so many things,
too numerous to write about.

Many friends and relatives who loved him and he influenced
 have been left out of these pictures as 
this is a very short view of his life.

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  1. Clark was the best square dancer. In high school I loved being his partner when we were learning square dancing. He could really twirl a girl.