Saturday, May 11, 2019

Tintoretto Exhibit, National Gallery of Art

Yesterday,Vicky and I went to the National Gallery of Art
to enjoy the large, in more ways than one, Tintoretto Exhibit.
It was a 500 year celebration of the birth 
of this Artist of Renaissance Venice.
Jacopo Timtoretto was born in 1519.
 I am particularly fond of drawings and found 
this preliminary drawing .....
used in a small spot in a near by painting .
I did not take many pictures because I was more interested 
in seeing and reading how he developed his paintings. 
He had many sculptures of human forms in his studio where 
he could make drawings in various perspectives .

 This small hanging sculpture was above the painting so one could 
see the relationship and how he used his various sculptures.
 I could see how he must have used actual models or sculptures 
to have the variety of positions and perspectives 
of the many bodies in some paintings.
So many of the male bodies have that muscular development 
one could see in Michelangelo's art.
 Had to include this writeup and b & w photo of the 
70 foot finished painting in the Doge's Palace.....because....
 This called an oil painting sketch of Paradiso 
must have been his maquette for the 70 foot final Paradiso. 
It appeared about 10 feet long to me., maybe more....

To end this short tour of the Tintoretto exhibit I wanted to show 
Tintoretto's version of The Last Supper. 
With the square table it is so very different 
than the more familiar,  to many,  Last Supper of Leonardo.
I enjoyed the whole day spending a long time with Tintoretto. 

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