Saturday, July 6, 2019

July 4th, Before and After

This past month I have been working with paper mâché 
creating rocks for the New Image installation, maybe.
I say 'maybe' as our plans are not finalized and I am thinking ahead.

 These are painted a dark color because I want the crevices and holes
 to show up after I add a couple of dry brush lighter colors.
I hope, then, they will appear as rocks.
 And, I have been creating flower branches or stems
for fictitious blooms. Most of the paper I tried was too weak,
 tearing when I tried to manipulate it. 
A good friend gave me a lot of foreign money that is very strong 
and impossible to tear. This was a perfect paper.
I began matching colors for each branch. 
There are 4 or 5 blossoms on each stem.
I have plans for more creative uses for this money.

 On July 4th I went to the Palisades Parade on MacArthur Blvd. in DC. 
I walked from the beginning to almost the end taking pictures 
on this extremely hot and humid day.
 This is really a neighborhood parade and has grown 
over the years, now about 2 hours long.....
 ending at the Palisade Rec Center where 
hotdogs and watermelon and punch is for everyone, 
but also the fire department has their fire hoses running to cool everyone.
 Besides bands loud music, dancers, bag pipes and 
assorted decorated bicycles, cars, trucks and horses.....
 There are a lot of political groups with signs.
 Lots of police cars blocking all the streets....

 Some groups tossed out wrapped candies
 And the lots of colorful dancers and marchers.

 I did not see the end of the parade and I did not photograph everything, 
but with this small showing I felt everyone could enjoy our parade.

Now on to creative work.

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